Cabinet Refacing

Refacing vs. Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

You don't necessarily need to undertake a costly, complete kitchen overhaul to give the busiest room in your house a fresh look and add resale value to your home. Many kitchen renovation projects can take weeks or even months, displacing your family during the cabinet replacements, adding noise and dust to the rest of your home. But there is a cost-effective solution - cabinet refacing.

Customizing Your Refaced Cabinets

When you choose cabinet refacing, you work with kitchen experts to select the materials, the new look, and the complementary hardware that brings it all together. You decide at the beginning how much you want to invest. Options include adding new drawer and door fronts, selecting from a wide range of materials and additional features including new roll-out trays and shelving, glides, and built-ins. Your professional can apply new exterior surfacing in your choice of wood, laminate, vinyl, or other materials, giving your entire kitchen a look that matches your current style, or an entire transformation that you are proud to show your visitors. Projects can even be completed in a weekend, meaning less wear and tear on your kitchen floors, adjacent walls, and ceilings--and less stress on your family.

The Look of a Refaced Kitchen

Depending on your budget, you can choose new appliances, fixtures, and countertops at the same time, whether you install them right away or over time. It's also a great time to replace hinges, pulls, and handles that are damaged or timeworn, selecting hardware to complement your kitchen. Your new look and functionality comes together as an entire makeover.

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