How to Build Kitchen Island Countertops with Cabinets

Opting to build kitchen island countertops not only adds functionality and increases the value of your house, but it also gives you more working space in the kitchen. This task does not require a lot of time or expertise, and it can be easily accomplished on a low budget.

This guide shows you how to build breakfast kitchen island countertops with cabinets for additional storage space:

  1. Start by measuring the dimensions of your kitchen island countertops. You need to know that they are wide and long enough to contain all your cabinets.
  2. Build a wall using 2x4s that is as high as the cabinets and as long as the planned island.
  3. Install the wall where you want your island to be located. Use screws, adhesive, or nails to secure it to the floor. Make sure that the backside of the drywall is properly covered.
  4. Attach the cabinets to this wall with the help of small screws or glue.
  5. Cut the countertop to the correct dimensions. Normally, it should overhang the cabinet side by a few inches and the wall side by six or more inches.
  6. Once the cabinets are fixed in place, the countertop should be attached next. In order to make it fit perfectly, it is best to first fix the boards on top of the cabinets and then attach the countertop on top of the boards to make it fit perfectly. If you have wooden cabinets, use an adhesive that is especially made for wood and press the countertop firmly in place until it is secure.

Your kitchen island countertop with cabinets is now ready for use.