Soapstone Kitchen Countertop Prices: Natural Beauty

Kitchen countertop prices tend to vary greatly depending on the material, durability, color, shape and size of the countertop. Depending on the budget, homeowners have their choice of a number of different options at a variety price. When comparing kitchen countertop prices, one material worth considering is soapstone.

Soapstone has enjoyed a long history of being used in homes across the globe. It has been utilized for architectural building blocks, fireplace stoves, sinks, hearths, and, of course kitchen countertops. In fact, it is referred to as the original stone used for the kitchen countertop. Just like other natural stone materials, soapstone slabs come in different colors depending on where it they are quarried. However, it is this difference in color and texture that makes soapstone so special. No two slabs will be exactly alike.

Soapstone is resistant to heat although its color may change if it is subjected to extreme heat or cold. Therefore, the use of trivets or pads is recommended when placing hot pans on the countertop.

In addition, soapstone is non-absorbent and does not need to be sealed. Except for mineral oil which will darken the color of the stone, most household liquids won't have any effect on a soapstone countertop. In the event a surface stain does occur, it can be rubbed or sanded out to keep the surface looking as good as new. Kitchen countertop prices for soapstone countertops run from $75 to $85 per square feet.