Futuristic Remodel: A Brave New Door

Your exterior doors make important visual statements about your house. But they aren't just pretty. They also keep out less desirable environmental conditions and, even more importantly, human intruders. With the latest remodeling options, your doors can not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but their practical purpose more effectively than ever.

The Latest in Door Renovation

They just don't make doors like they used to. They're stronger, more beautiful, and smarter than ever! You look at and use your doors several times a day. Why not remodel to make them both functional and beautiful at the same time? You can start now by checking out a few of the newest renovation options for your doors.

  • Smart Locks: If you lose your keys, don?t' worry. New smart locks use laser-scans to read fingerprints and unbolt the door only for recognized and approved people.
  • Bronzed Doors: Hate the cold look of those 70's sliding glass doors but love the light they let into the room? Remodel to add doors with bronzed frames, and enjoy a beautiful door as well as a lovely view.
  • Retractable Screens: You needn't keep screens up to block your view. On both doors and windows, you can remodel with screens that retract when you don't need them.
  • Custom Entryway: Go beyond renovation into innovation. Turn a beloved sketch or painting into a signature entryway, complete with elaborate stained glass scenes.
  • Weatherproof Storm Doors: As technology advances and new building materials become available, doors become increasingly sturdier. During your door renovation, ask your contractor to install storm doors that can withstand the most arctic of winters and the most scorching of summers.

Use one of these latest renovation advances, and you can truly create a door into the future.

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