Custom Cabinet Doors: How to Order Quality Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

By Kelly Richardson Columnist

Custom cabinet doors can literally revive a boring kitchen by providing an attractive focal point. The question is: would you recognize quality replacement kitchen cabinet doors if you saw them? Read on for this week's lesson in spotting and buying upper-class cabinetry.

Spotting Custom Cabinet Doors and Other Upgrades
The lines between standard features and custom upgrades are continually blurring--which is good for the consumer. Because manufacturers are including premium construction in standard product lines, knowing what to look for in custom designs has become increasingly important. Consumer Reports outlines what to look for when shopping for custom cabinet doors and other upgrades:

  • Storage Capacity. Today's premium cabinets typically offer full-extension drawers and "soft-close" functionality
  • Elegant Hardware. High-end replacement kitchen cabinet doors feature intricate hardware, such as no-tarnish hinges and handles
  • Interior Construction. Look for signature details such as dovetail joints in drawers and matching accessories

Buying Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors
If you've never purchased replacement cabinet doors in the past, there's no reason to be intimidated. Knowing available options and a little cabinet lingo will help. Here is RealtyTrac's advice for buying custom cabinet doors:

  • Stock versus Semi-custom versus Custom. Stock features standard designs available same-day; semi-custom is made-to-order with some customizable features; custom is made-to-order with fully customizable features
  • Cabinet Hardware. Pulls and hinges that are critical points of emphasis for custom cabinet doors, available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary materials
  • Cabinet Accessories. Such as range hoods, backsplash and hanging racks. Extends the functionality of your cabinet design

Buying replacement kitchen cabinet doors should be an exercise in creativity. Let go of the stress associated with picking the "perfect" style and buy based on your own personal needs.

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