Kitchen Countertop Refacing: Mounting a New Countertop without Removing the Old One

There are a couple of ways that you can choose to proceed with your kitchen countertop refacing project. If you have decided to leave the old countertop on, then you can simply put the new on over it.

Kitchen Countertop Refacing Made Easier

If your existing countertop is in good enough condition and is affixed securely enough, you can just apply your new countertop over the existing one. As always, you have two options for how to proceed. The first you will want to use if your countertop is holding extremely well to the flat top. For this option you need to rough the existing countertop up using course sand paper and a rotary sander if possible. Once you have the top roughed up, wash it down with paint thinner to remove any particles and sealant finishing that may be left behind. Now you are ready to continue with your kitchen countertop refacing by applying fixative and then laying the countertop.

If you are at all in doubt about the dependability of your kitchen countertop security, proceed with this second option. For this option you will affix a medium density fiberboard flat top right on top of the existing countertop using wood staples every 3 - 4 inches. This will ensure the best possible flat top surface for a very secure countertop.

At this point you are ready to proceed with placing the new countertop for your kitchen countertop refinishing project. Be sure to use a fixative that is designed particularly for kitchen countertops. First be sure that you have all of the tools and materials close at hand for this step of your kitchen countertop refacing project. This should include a brush to apply the fixative, a rotary saw, measuring tape, and clamps for the setting phase of the glue. Be sure to measure and mark the new laminate accurately. Then cut the piece, apply the fixative, and apply the precut laminate to the glued flat top. Clamp and weight it to keep it firmly in place as the glue sets. Repeat this process in sections until this step in your kitchen countertop refinishing project is complete.

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