No More Wasted Space: Corner Cabinet Storage Features

In any kitchen, the most difficult area to utilize efficiently is usually the corner cabinet area. There are so many kitchen storage options out there--how can you choose among them? Here's a guide to help you identify some of the best custom kitchen storage features for your cabinets and determine which ones you want.

The depth of kitchen corner cabinets often turns them into wasted space. But there are several custom solutions to make the most of corner cabinet storage space: lazy Susans, appliance garages, rolling baking pan racks, and pull-out towel racks, to name a few.

Lazy Susan

These shelves are circular turntables that fit well in corner kitchen cabinets and allow access to all of the goods on the shelf. The one drawback to this type of shelf is that it can be difficult to retrieve items that fall off the shelf at the back. A bit of a raised lip can help keep items from tumbling off.

Appliance Garage

For the top corner segment of your kitchen cabinets, an appliance garage is a fabulous option. Frequently used small appliances can be tucked away out of sight but still stay in easy reach. Appliance garages often have a roll-up front and make good use of the depth of corner cabinets for effective storage.

Rolling Baking Racks

Rolling baking racks are a fabulous way to utilize the large storage space of typical corner kitchen cabinets. Tall, thin partitions roll in and out on tracks that fan out to fill the diamond shape. These rolling vertical shelves can be divided into a couple of levels for deeper but narrower cake or loaf pans. At full height, they can easily hold several cookie sheets.

Pull-Out Towel Racks

Similar to the rolling baking pan storage, pull-out storage racks run on tracks, providing access to towels, oven mitts, and place mats. These can fan out to fill the awkward space that makes the corner cabinet hard to use effectively.

These days, there's no need to put up with disorganized, unmanageable cabinets. These ingenious corner cabinet storage ideas can transform your kitchen into an elegant, usable workspace.

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